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SX-MDLi-15A Dynamoelectric Sprayer

5 0 Reviews

Product Service: Electric Sprayer
Product model: SX-MDLi-15A
Pack meas: 1PC/Color box


Gardening enthusiasts understand the importance of using the right tools, and this SX-MDLi15A knapsack electric sprayer is often their choice. Offering convenience, efficiency and versatility, this innovative device has an irreplaceable place among gardening tools.



This product uses a 21V lithium battery pack, which can be replaced anytime, anywhere, with three battery sizes to choose from: 2Ah, 4Ah, and 5.2Ah. Using the water cover anti-dislodgement design, the spray bar can be fixed on the handle, making the handling more convenient.

2. Excellent power

SX-MDLi15A sprayer uses intelligent pressure switch diaphragm pump, which has long service life and high efficiency, and the working pressure can reach 0.3-0.45Mpa, which is enough to cope with all kinds of working environments.

3.Adjustable spraying

This sprayer is equipped with four different nozzles: cone mist nozzle, collision fan nozzle, double nozzle, four-hole adjustable nozzle. The flow rate is variable from 0.76L/min to 1.4L/min, and its various configurations allow us to choose our own according to our needs.

Cleaning and maintenance

After each use, the machine should be cleaned, to avoid corrosion of the liquid on the machine, blocking the nozzle. At the same time can also avoid liquid residue and the next liquid composition is different, affecting the effect of drug application or crop hazards.

Cleaning method:

(1) Wipe the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth, inject a small amount of water into the interior of the machine and shake it, and then open the switch and spray it out through the nozzle.

(2) The filter of the switch and the filter inside the medicine box can be removed and rinsed with water directly. The sprayer is best placed indoors to avoid direct sunlight to extend the service life.

(3) The indoor ambient temperature is 0℃-45℃ in a dry place.

With the convenience, efficiency and versatility of the Backpack Electric Sprayer, it can be a great assistant for gardening enthusiasts. The adjustable nozzle allows for precise and customised spraying, while the long-lasting lithium battery ensures uninterrupted operation. The gardening life becomes much better with this useful tool at your side.


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