Are You Struggling to Choose the Right Garden Sprayer?
Electric garden sprayers offer several operational effects and advantages over manual spray methods:

The Electric Sprayer

1.Efficiency and Time-saving: Electric sprayers significantly reduce the time and effort required for spraying tasks. With their motorized pumping systems, these sprayers ensure a consistent and continuous flow of the spraying solution, eliminating the need for manual pumping. This increased efficiency allows users to cover larger areas in less time, enhancing overall productivity.

2.Precision and Uniformity: The adjustable spray patterns and pressure settings of electric sprayers enable precise application of chemicals. This ensures uniform coverage of the targeted area, preventing under or over-spraying. The result is a more effective and efficient distribution of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, leading to improved plant health and reduced wastage.

3.Ease of Use and Ergonomics: Electric garden sprayers are designed with user comfort in mind. The lightweight construction and ergonomic handles make them easy to carry and operate for extended periods. The elimination of manual pumping reduces strain on the user's arms and shoulders, allowing for a more comfortable spraying experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited physical strength or those who need to cover large areas.
4.Extended Reach and Capacity: Compared to manual spray methods, electric sprayers offer extended reach and larger capacity. The long spray wand allows users to access areas that are difficult to reach manually, such as tall trees or deep flower beds. Additionally, the larger tank capacity of electric sprayers minimizes the need for frequent refills, enabling uninterrupted spraying over more extensive areas.
Featured Products - SX-LIS05E
What Makes Custom Garden Sprayers Stand Out?
With its adjustable spray speed, separate battery and portable design, 
this SX-LIS05E shoulder electric sprayer has become an indispensable tool.

Removable Battery

This sprayer is equipped with a detachable battery, with 12V 2.5Ah and 3.7V 2.2Ah lithium battery available. Just remove the battery to charge.And it also has USB charging port, adapts to most charging situations.

Diaphragm Pump

SX-LIS05E shoulder electric sprayer nozzle flow rate of 0.5L/MIN, using an intelligent pressure switch type diaphragm pump, has the advantages of low energy consumption and good atomization. The bottle is equipped with a pressure switch to realize automatic pressure-limiting protection and good safety.


With a capacity of 5 liters, this product is small in size and equipped with an easy-to-stow carrying handle, which enables it to be carried by hand or over the shoulder. When the sprayer is idle, you can bend the spray bar and put it in the groove under the handle, which greatly reduces the volume and is easy to carry.


This product focuses on compactness and flexibility, with small capacity, able to work continuously for more than 2 hours, which is more suitable for home garden maintenance and other work with small workload, avoiding frequent replenishment of liquid or charging.
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Seesa-Meeting All Your Sprayer Needs as Your Loyal Companion
Shixia Holding Co., Ltd. was establishes in 1978, that has more than 1,300 employees and more than 500 sets of various injection molding machines, blow molding machines and other advanced equipment. 
 The company has 12 series of products, more than 800 varieties. 
 80% of sprayers are exported to Europe and America, with annual sales of 450 million yuan. 
 It is the largest professional manufacturer of sprayers in Asia, integrating r&d, production and sales.
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Our Journey Towards Technological Innovation
 At present, company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 occupational health management system, Germany GS, CE and the national mandatory CCC certification.
 In 2016, the product passed the ""Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification"". In July 2016, the sprayer product was awarded the first CE+GS certificate in Asia state. Shixia holding is aldo the top manufacturer with the most certification of sprayers in China. 
 And it cooperates with Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization Research, China Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Sciences to further develop new products, and a number of products are listed in the National Spark Program. 
 At present, the company has more than 200 valid patents, including 26 invention patents, and is a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province.
The company is also the drafting unit of national sprayer standard, and has been awarded ""Zhejiang famous brand product"", ""Zhejiang export famous brand product"", ""National inspection-free product"", ""China famous Trademark"", ""National high-tech Enterprise"" and ""Municipal Quality Award"", etc.
At present, the company has registered the trademark of SeeSa in 102 countries and regions. Dr THEODOR FRIEDTICH of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization was interested in visiting and purchasing market branded sprayers.SeeSa sprayers can be seen on the counter at Wal-Mart, Carrefour and others.Construction is under way on the city-owned and fully funded Sprayer Museum, named after the Chinese Association of Agricultural Machinery."
Answers To Garden Sprayer Inquiries
  • Q Are you a manufacture or trading company? 

    We are a manufacture which is located in Taizhou City, China. You can fly to Ningbo airport directly.All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!
  • Q Can I get a sample before place order?

    1pc free sample with freight collect, some of items you should pay a little sample fee. But we will deduct  charge after you place order to us.
  • Q How does your factory do regarding quality control? 

    Quality is priority. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the  very end.Our factory has gained ISO9001,ISO14001,CCC,CE,GS,BSCI,etc.
  • Q Why the price is high or low?

    A The website cost for your reference. The final cost by your order quantity and requirement.
  • Q How about your leading time?

    A  It's up to your order quantity, and normal within 25-45 days, now we also accept small quantity.
Shixia Holding Co., Ltd. was establishes in 1978, that has more than 1,300 employees and more than 500 sets of various injection molding machines, blow molding machines and other advanced equipment.

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