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SX-MD16GA Dynamoelectric Sprayer

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Product Service: Electric Sprayer
Product model: SX-MD16GA
Pack meas: 1PC/Color box


Farming and gardening has always been inseparable from the sprayer,we believe that this SX-MD16GA professional grade backpack electric sprayer can make your work more efficient.


(1) High flow rate

Equipped with a compact 12V 4.5Bar diaphragm pump, plus a 12V 8Ah lead-acid battery, this 16-liter capacity is able to produce a flow rate of 0.9L/min to 1.45L/min, which makes our sprayer a perfect solution for large or small spraying jobs.

(2) Simple and Convenient

SX-MD16GA backpack electric sprayer is also equipped with a complete control system, which can customize the spraying intensity and adapt to various working environments. The simple and clear system interface greatly facilitates operation. It also has a unique plug-in battery box design for easy charging. The battery can also be replaced directly if there is a problem, reducing maintenance costs.

(3) Safety

Safety cannot be ignored.Our sprayer is equipped with a pressure protection switch. This intelligent mechanism protects the battery from any potential damage caused by excessive pressure, allowing the operator to use it with confidence.

Operating instructions

1. Operation of the charger

Ensure that the charger input parameters match the mains AC parameters. If they do not, contact your dealer. Turn the switch knob clockwise to the maximum position. If only 1 compartment of the green light is on or the yellow light is on, the battery should be recharged promptly. The battery can be charged by simply connecting the plug to the charging socket without removing it from the vaporizer. The charging indicator light is green to indicate that the battery is fully charged.  If the sprayer is left for a long time, it should be fully discharged and then fully charged at regular intervals (e.g., half a month, one month or two months) to maintain the capacity and service life of the battery. Do not idle the nebulizer without water.

Prohibited for granular and powder applications.

2. Add chemical.

Before operation, remove the spray can lid and allow the spray can to slowly fill with chemical through the strainer, then replace the spray can lid, turn on the power switch, and press and hold the off handle to begin operation.

3. Power switch control

Turn the switch knob clockwise to turn on the power. At this time, the yellow and green indicator lights on the switch knob light up alternately. (Green light on, yellow light off). Continuously turn the knob to the maximum position, so that the three green indicator lights are completely lit, indicating that the battery is full and the voltage is high. Otherwise the voltage will decrease and the spray droplets will become larger. Change the droplet size by turning the on/off knob to meet the requirements of various spraying applications

By following proper usage guidelines and considering basic features, you can maximize the benefits of your backpack electric sprayer and achieve excellent results while saving time and effort.

Quick Details

Product number SX-MD16GA SX-MD16GB
capacity 16L 16L
Product Size 38.5x24.5x59.5cm 38.5x24.5x59.5cm
Work pressure 0.2-0.45mpa 0.2-0.45mpa
Rressure range 0-0.45mpa 0-0.45mpa
Packing rate single package single package
Net Weight 4.5kg 4.6kg
Custom processing yes yes
Brand Seesa Seesa
Pump form 12V Diaphragm pump 12V Diaphragm pump
Matching battery 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries
Applicable field Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection

SX-MD16GA dynamoelectric sprayerSX-MD16GA dynamoelectric sprayerSX-MD16GA dynamoelectric sprayer

SX-MD16GA dynamoelectric sprayer

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