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SX-MD15H Dynamoelectric Sprayer

5 0 Reviews

Product Service: Electric Sprayer
Product model: SX-MD15H
Pack meas: 1PC/Color box


SX-MD15H Backpack Electric Sprayer - This professional-grade sprayer is designed to provide unmatched convenience and efficiency, making it perfect for gardening enthusiasts and professionals. With its versatility, the Backpack Electric Sprayer offers a wide range of applications. Whether you need to deal with garden pests, use insecticides, herbicides, this sprayer has you covered.


(1) High quality atomization

SX-MD15H electric sprayer is equipped with a pressure regulator with power indicator, working pressure from 0.2 to 0.45mpa, allowing the user to manually adjust the pressure up to 0.45mpa according to the demand, improving the atomization quality to meet the requirements of various spraying and sprinkling applications.

(2) Convenient and comfortable

One of the main advantages of this backpack electric sprayer lies in its ease of use. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable back pad to ensure a great working experience. Carry it like a backpack, adjust the straps and you're ready to go. When the sprayer is idle, the wand can be placed on the wand clip.

(3) Safe and Durable

One of the outstanding features of our electric sprayers is the combination with high precision voltmeters. These voltmeters provide accurate readings and offer a strong guarantee of the durability and safety of our sprayers. With this advanced technology, it ensures that every time you use it, you can be confident that our sprayers will stand the test of time.

Notes on use

(1) The charger should be used indoors in a dry, ventilated and safe place 50cm above the ground.

(2) If the sprayer is used for a short period of time, it does not need to be charged. If it is placed for a long time, it should be fully discharged and then filled at regular intervals (e.g., one month or two months) to maintain the capacity and service life of the battery.

(3) The chargers for lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries cannot be interchanged.

(4 )Do not immerse the sprayer in water for filling or cleaning.

All in all, this backpack electric sprayer is the best among sprayers. Its versatility, ease of use, and superior performance make it ideal for anyone looking for a professional-grade product. Say goodbye to manual sprayers and feel the perfect experience with the Backpack Electric Sprayer.

Quick Details

Product number SX-MD15H SX-MD16H SX-MD18H SX-MD20H
capacity 15L 16L 18L 20L
Product Size 38x26.5x52.5cm 38x26.5x52.5cm 38x26.5x55cm 38x27x56cm
Work pressure 0.2-0.45mpa 0.2-0.45mpa 0.2-0.45mpa 0.2-0.45mpa
Regulating range 0-0.45mpa 0-0.45mpa 0-0.45mpa 0-0.45mpa
Packing rate single package single package single package single package
Net Weight 5.7kg 5.835kg 6.18kg
Custom processing yes yes yes yes
Brand Seesa Seesa Seesa Seesa
Pump form 12V Diaphragm pump 12V Diaphragm pump 12V Diaphragm pump 12V Diaphragm pump
Matching battery 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries 12V8Ah Lead-acid batteries
Applicable field Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection

SX-MD15H dynamoelectric sprayerSX-MD15H dynamoelectric sprayer

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