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SX-MD5DA Dynamoelectric Sprayer

5 0 Reviews

Product Service: Electric Sprayer
Product model: SX-MD5DA
Pack meas: 4PC/Color box


With its excellent design, the SX-MD5DA shoulder electric sprayer provides a convenient and efficient way to maintain the health and beauty of your plants, making them a must-have for any gardening enthusiast.


(1) Low power consumption

The SX-MD5DA electric sprayer uses a 6V 4Ah accumulator as its power source. If the accumulator is fully charged, the product can work continuously for 4 hours. The power consumption is only 0.1Kwh, making the sprayer an ideal energy-saving and low-power product.

(2) Convenient

This shoulder electric sprayer is available in two sizes, 5-liter and 8-liter, and one of its main advantages is its easy installation, user-friendly design and compact and stylish appearance. The spray bar is able to lay flat on the groove of the sprayer when not in use, making it easy to carry. Even beginners can operate this sprayer effortlessly, making gardening tasks a breeze.

(3) Long service life

Another reason why we should choose SX-MD5D sprayers is their long service life. These sprayers are manufactured using reliable materials and advanced technology with corrosion-resistant materials and have a pressure switch that boasts automatic pressure-limiting protection that focuses on safety.

(4) Highly versatile

The versatility of this sprayer is also worth mentioning. It has a three-stage telescopic spray boom with adjustable length and excellent atomization, making it particularly suitable for horticultural applications such as weed control and insect control, as well as cleaning of public places and disease control in livestock and poultry houses.

All in all, the SX-MD5DA sprayers offer a range of benefits that make them an indispensable tool for gardeners. So, if you want to simplify your gardening life, you won't regret choosing one of our products.

Quick Details

Product number SX-MD5DA SX-MD8DA
capacity 5L 8L
Product Size 30.5x18x34cm 30.5x18x43.5cm
Pack Meas 62x37x34.5cm 62x37x44cm
Battery 6V4Ah Lead-acid battery 6V4Ah Lead-acid battery
Packing rate 4 4
Custom processing yes yes
Brand Seesa Seesa
Net Weight 2.57kg
Applicable field Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection

SX-MD5DA dynamoelectric sprayer

SX-MD5DA dynamoelectric sprayer

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