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SX-LIS06A dynamoelectric sprayer

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Product Service: Electric Sprayer
Product model:SX-LIS06A
Pack meas:6PC/Color box

Quick Details

Product number SX-LIS06A SX-LIS08A
capacity 6L 8L
Product Size 21x21x48.5cm 21x21x57cm
Pack Meas 63x42.5x49cm 63x42.5x57.5cm
Operating Voltage 12V 12V
Work Currrent 0.6-0.8A 0.6-0.8A
Work Pressue 1.6-2.0Bar 1.6-2.0Bar
Charging Time 3Hour 3Hour
Working Time >2.5Hour >2.5Hour
Packing rate 6 6
Custom processing yes yes
Brand Seesa Seesa
Net Weight 1.7kg
Applicable field Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection Agriculture\Forestry\Disinfection


SX-LIS06A dynamoelectric sprayerSX-LIS06A dynamoelectric sprayer

SX-LIS06A dynamoelectric sprayer

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