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80/100L Multi-Purpose Powerful High Flow Electric Trailed Sprayer for Irrigation/Fertilization

  • Irrigation: The trailer sprayer is perfect for large-scale irrigation of farmland or orchards. It efficiently distributes water to the crop, ensuring optimal moisture levels for healthy growth and maximum yield.

  • Fertilizing: Sprayers can be used to apply fertilizer to crops in a precise, even manner. It can apply fertilizer in a targeted manner to ensure even distribution of nutrients, promoting balanced plant nutrition and increased crop yields.

  • Crop Protection: Towable sprayers can also be used to apply insecticides, herbicides or fungicides to protect crops from pests, weeds or disease. Its high flow rate and adjustable spray pattern provide efficient coverage and minimize the risk of crop damage.

  • Orchard Management: This sprayer is suitable for managing large orchards to deliver water or fertilizer to fruit trees. Its towed design provides effective coverage of fruit tree rows to ensure proper irrigation and nutrition for healthy fruit production.

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