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Sun tzu's art of war: if you know the enemy, you will win a hundred battles! We believe: the management of the enterprise is like "bo le xiang ma", dig stubborn every potential advantage, give a platform to show the opportunity, the spirit of the enterprise will be thriving, the collective will be super to super unity!

 Strengthen core leadership
Build strong leadership
Develop strengths while avoiding weaknesses and give full play to personal strength
Monitor each other and summarize often
Fair and open, transparent management

Mission: to provide more convenience for daily life and better equipment for agricultural production

Vision: become the world's largest manufacturer of sprayers

Core values: innovation, development and win-win cooperation

Management policy

Quality first, customer first, excellence, sustainable management.

Business philosophy

Pragmatic, innovative, hard work, ambitious. People-oriented, common growth, reasonable sharing.

The spirit of enterprise

Always move forward, never stop, always forge ahead, always climb the peak.

Occupational health and safety policy

Pollution prevention and reduction of harmful effects;

Improve safety management and reduce occupational hazards;

Strengthen staff training, improve the quality of all staff;

Committed to continuous improvement, the pursuit of permanent development.

Environment policy

Abide by laws and environmental protection laws and regulations;

Strengthen education, enhance environmental awareness;

Save energy and reduce consumption, improve environmental performance.