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As for the development of new products and technique,up to now at Shixia,there are one product listed in the NationalSpark Plan,four products awarded the Certificate of Zhejiang Hight-Technology Productgs,21 products protected by thestate patent,and additional 31 products patent pending.In 2005,by cooperating with Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Institution under the Ministry of Agriculture,"Shixia Research and Development Center of Agricultural MechanizationInstitution under the Ministry of Agriculture" was established,which has recognized as a Taizhou Municipal levelenterprise R&D center,and a Zhejiang Provincial level agricultural enterprise R&D center. As for R&D of products,wehave scheduled to build the largest,the most powerful sprayer R&D facility in China in the next 3-5 years throughpartnership with China Agricultural University,in a bid to attain our goal of enhancing the enterprise and repaying ourmotherland through science and technology.

 From small do greatly,from big arrive strong from strong.

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