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In 1978,

Zhejiang huangyan shixia  plasticizer factory (i.e., China. Predecessor of shixia holding co., LTD.) was established in taizhou huangyan, becoming one of the first three manufacturers of sprayers in China.

In 1982,

In the national scope first mass production of household hand-held sprayers, a success, the city sprayers stand out.

In 1985,

Take the lead in the country to start the production of wrench pneumatic sprayer, achieved success, and began to put a large number of domestic market, has been praised by users.

In 1988,

The company has established a quality assurance system, optimized the enterprise structure and comprehensively upgraded the management mechanism throughout the country, which has been well received by all sectors of society.

In 1993,

The enterprise was renamed as zhejiang provincial and municipal lower atomizer chemical co., LTD., which further expanded the production and quantity of atomizer and became one of the largest plastic atomizer enterprises in China.

In 1996,

For the first time, it has opened up the international market, actively participated in the global trade fair, and achieved great success.

In 1998,

Take the lead in the application of the Internet in the spray industry to promote and sell products in the country, and fully open the international market.

In 1999,

In order to improve production technology, the company invested 20 million yuan imported equipment into production, production scale by zhejiang province.

In 2000,

The company successfully passed iso9001:2000 international quality system certification, modern exhibition hall built and used.

In 2001,

A number of products have passed GS certification in Germany, CCC certification mandatory by the state, CE/GB/ Nordic countries /EMC/ Russia certification and so on, and officially signed a long-term supply contract with international supermarket wal-mart.

In 2002,

Developed a high-tech electric sprayer sx-md18d

In 2003,

The reputation of the city has been improved year by year. The leaders came to guide the city in person. Li guanjun, the general manager, was rated as the "national model worker in light industry".

In 2004,

The enterprise was renamed as "zhejiang shixia atomizer co., LTD.", with annual production and sales of 6 million and sales volume ranking first in China for 3 consecutive years. 80% of the products were exported to Europe and America

In 2005,

With the ministry of agriculture agricultural mechanization research institute established under the city r & d center

orker in light industry".

In 2006,

The United Nations food and agriculture organization inspected the city

In 2007,

Cooperating with agricultural university of China, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, the trademark under the municipal level has been recognized as "China's well-known trademark", and the product under the municipal level has been awarded the honorary title of "national inspection-free product".

In 2008,

The new factory has been completed and put into use in an all-round way. It has been renamed as "shixia holding co., LTD." with six subsidiaries, it has become a professional atomizer manufacturer with the most advanced technology, the largest scale, the most competitive ability and the most product types in Chin

In 2009,

Will comprehensively enhance the comprehensive strength, pioneering and innovative.

In 2010,

Obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise.

In 2012,

Obtain the certificate of measurement management system.

In 2015,

China agricultural machinery industry association vice President of the unit, the production of plant protection machinery professional production enterprises.

In 2016,

Obtained the first CE+GS certificate in Asia.